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Geobiology/Environment Clearing


Live in a Harmonious habitat

We spend about twenty hours a day in our homes or at work and a third of our life in our beds! We are subject to geopathogenic disturbances without knowing it which have biological and psychic consequences.


By eliminating or greatly reducing these disturbances, our geobiology improves along with our wellbeing. It is also recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle whilst making these changes.

All living organisms support their environment, in particular those coming from the natural energies of the Earth, but also from artificial radiation induced by our modern lifestyles. The accumulation of radiation causes disturbances that can harm health and wellbeing.

Kind of Nuisances 

  • Natural underground: watercourses, geological faults, telluric networks, underground cavities and ores all produce disturbances that go into your home.

  • Artificial due to technologies: low frequency electromagnetic waves (household appliances, lighting, high voltage lines, transformers) and high frequencies (telephony, wifi, relay antennas) and torsion fields.

  • Persistence: energies linked to the memory of places and objects.

  • Linked to the building: its shape, its materials and its location.

This is  for you if 

  • You suffer from disorders that persist despite medical treatment (fatigue, depression, insomnia, migraines ...)

  • You do not feel comfortable at home or at your workplace (discomfort, difficulty concentrating, dizziness and so on),

  • Your child refuses to sleep in his room, your baby cries a lot,

  • You plan to acquire land to build your house,

  • You have moved into a new home,

  • At work, your employees are irritable, negative, and often fall ill,

  • The animals in your farm develop unusual behaviours or production drops.

Do you want to harmonise your space  


Send us an e-mail at : 

Subject "Space Clearing" and include in the e-mail :

  1. The address of the space you want to clean and specify whether it is an apartment, house, office or garden.

  2. A map of the space (you can draw one if you don't have one - there's an example on the right)

  3. The names and date of birth of all the people who live there (if it's your home)

  4. Your phone number so we can contact you if needed.

After that we work in two stages : 

First, we begins with an energetic check-up & analysis of the nuisances in the space concerned. 

Depending on the results, the second step is to make the necessary corrections.

Please note that certain aspects of this intervention require involvement from the client (modification of the layout, compliance with some instructions).

You will be given a full report with the work that has been done containing some recommendations and explanations.


House/Apartment (less than 100 m2) : 

Analysis : 66 euros 

Analysis + Clearing : 133 euros

For offices, fields, farm exploitation & bigger spaces send us an e-mail at for a quote. 


For this service; I decided to combine my skills with my mum, Reine who is a geobiologist & energy healer so that we can serve you better. 

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