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I am Manon, a certified holistic coach, therapist, mentor, psychic and spiritual teacher.


I have been creating huge shifts with my clients, so that they can reconnect with their intuition, desires, life mission and their inner power. My mission is to help them create lives that they dream of.

I use feeling and intuition combined with tools such as meditation, hypnosis, healing techniques, neurolinguistic programming and coaching.


I focus not only on the energetic aspect, but also on the mind, body & spirit. I believe  that each person needs balance in these areas of life to feel aligned; in harmony and to flourish.


Hi there  

I work mainly online, internationally, in English & French.

My clients come from all over the world: Australia, France, Eastern Europe, the US and Asia.

My story 

How did I get there?

I grew up in a small village in eastern France where I have spent most of my life.

From a very young age, I knew deeply that there was something bigger in life than what I had been told.

That each of us is here for a reason, but I couldn't quite understand why.

I have always been very intuitive - clairvoyant, clairsentient - drawn to spirituality and metaphysics.


In 2015, after I graduated in Business and Marketing, I went through emotionally difficult times due to my parents' divorce and a painful breakup. I didn't know what to do professionally and I was completely lost. I was very anxious, alone, scared, and devastated by what was happening.

This is when I started working on myself using tools like hypnosis. I also took my first Reiki course which greatly amplified my intuitive gifts.

A few months later I decided to move to Australia to learn English but also to escape this reality I was living in (I'm not going to lie to you, it was a total escape haha)


You are probably wondering:

" Why Australia?"


The only answer I can give you is that Australia called me.

I did not know at the time but my intuition was leading me into it and I was far from thinking that this decision would change my life forever.


Traveling abroad and living halfway around the world opened up a whole new world of culture, people and perspectives for me. It helped me to see bigger, expand my consciousness and to feel connected with myself.

I satisfied my desire for learning in relation to energy, healing, the law of attraction, quantum physics and coaching. I participated in many seminars, courses, workshops, retreats and worked with different healers, coaches, mentors, and shamans.


With all the amazing tools I learned, I realised how much I could actually create my life and live my dreams. I realised I can be, do and have whatever I want.


As a result, everything changed: I travelled, I had rich experiences. I became a better, healthier version of myself; happier, more joyful, having deeper, wonderful relationships and a better quality of life.


I also started a photography business, a childhood dream that I never thought possible as I had no diploma or professional experience in this field.

I had the opportunity to learn whilst working, having fun and meeting great people - all whilst being paid!

Feeling fulfilled, I quickly realised that I could do something that I loved every day.

In parallel, I continued to learn, completing certifications in energy healing, coaching and business in Australia, Asia, and France. I solidified my knowledge to be able to improve the quality of my life and others.


Pursuing my soul's desires, I have found alignment within myself and discovered my life mission, which really makes me vibrate :

Certifications and Courses 

  • Energy Healing Practitioner (2022)

  • Spiritual & Quantum Hypnotherapist (2022)

  • Modern Therapeutic Hypnotherapist (2020)

  • Certified Coach (2020)

  • Mastery University, Tony Robbins (2017-2019)

  • Point of Light Therapy Practitionner (2018)

  • Channeling Practitionner (2018)

  • NLP Practitionner (2017)

  • Reiki Master (Level 1,2 & 3) (De 2014 à 2017)

  • Business & Marketing Bachelor (2014 & 2016)

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